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lujvo s1 is a socialist ideology as applied by t1 in/among people/territory/domain t2=f2 based on the works of thinker s3 From fatri, prali, turni, sidbo. Cf. sivypo'eci'e, ka'irtrusi'o, dzejdasratrusi'o, vricykricrutrusi'o, guntrusi'o, natpamtrusi'o, tsarainaitrusi'o.
lujvo k1=j1=c1=f1 drift dives to destination k2=f2 from origin k3=f3 in drifting frame of reference f4, via route k4 using means/vehicle k5 in liquid j2 beneath/under/down from c2 (object/water surface) in downward frame of reference c3.
gismu rafsi: fal fa'u x1 falls/drops to x2 from x3 in gravity well/frame of reference x4. Note: things can fall in spin, thrust, or tide as well as gravity; (agentive "drop" = one of two lujvo: falcru and falri'a). See also lafti, cpare, klama, sfubu.
lujvo s1=f3 non-agentively/inanimately points at/indicates the direction of s2=f2 to observer s3 as being in the direction f1. f3 defaults to the x1, in other words the direction (i.e. x4) is relative to the x1 place. Cf. farja'o, degja'o.
lujvo m1 is an example/instance of developmental/evolutionary stage/state m2=t1 of developing thing t2=f1 in its development towards/into f2 from f3 through stages f4=m3. Someone causing the development is neither implied nor denied; hence this word can be used both for Darwinian evolution and software development. Made from favytcini + mupli.
lujvo g1 (person/agent) boils x2=f1 at temperature x3=f2 and pressure x4=f3. Note that this means simply to evaporate a liquid; to cook something by boiling is febjukpa. Also c.f. jukpa, djacu, ladru, cidja, patxu.
lujvo x1=ju1 simmers/cooks/prepares food-for-eating x2=j2 by sitting it in simmering liquid x3=ji1=f1 at temperature x4=f2 and pressure x5=f3. See also: boil (=febjukpa), poach (=febmlijukpa), blanche (=juprblanca), court bouillon (=likrkorbojo/febmliseljukpa).
lujvo x1=ju1 is poaching/cooks/prepares food-for-eating x2=j2 by sitting it in poaching liquid/court bouillon x3=m1=f1 at temperature x4=f2 and pressure x5=f3. See also: simmer (=febjbijukpa), court bouillon (=likrkorbojo/febmliseljukpa).
lujvo c1 is a goddess (female deity) of people(s)/religion c2 with dominion over c3 [sphere]. Cf. nakcei, fetsi, cevni, lijda, krici, censa, malsi. Recommended to be used only use when contrasted with nakcei or femininity of the deity is to be emphasized/important.
lujvo x1=t1 is panties/knickers/boy shorts (female genital underwear), serving purpose x2=t3 Female genitalia/crotch/vulva-covering type of underwear. Needn't be worn by female/woman/girl but garment need be made for female genitalia/pubic region in some manner (see nakpibyta'u/pibyta'u for male/non-defined counterpart). Cf. nerta'u, taxfrbikini, tatyta'u.
lujvo x1=p1 thinks that x2=f1 differs from/is distinct from/contrasts with/is unlike x3=f2 in property/dimension/quality x4=f3; x1 distinguishes between x2 and x3 because of differing property/dimension/quality x4. Use su'ai for distinguishing among more than two things.
lujvo g1=t1 is the Lower House/House of Representatives/House of Commons for territory t2 with members g3=f5. Cf. flalu, cfari, turni, girzu, flazautrugri, truci'e, zuktruci'e, flatruci'e, pairtruci'e, vajraifla.
lujvo c1=t1=f5 is the legislative branch of the government of people/territory/domain/subjects t2. Cf. flalu, turni, ciste, truci'e, zuktruci'e, pairtruci'e, flacfatrugri, flazautrugri, vajraifla.
lujvo g1=t1 is the Upper House/Senate/House of Lords for territory t2 with members g3=f5=z3. Cf. flalu, zanru, turni, girzu, flacfatrugri, truci'e, zuktruci'e, flatruci'e, pairtruci'e, vajraifla.
lujvo v1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of sparkling wine from fruit/grapes v2. Cf. fonmo, vanju, risyvanju, xalka, jikru, birje, uiski, campania, vo'otka, koinka.
lujvo r1 is the rafsi prefix used in type-3 fu'ivla v1=f1, rafsi based on word r2. “rafsi prefix” is a term specific to Lojban and refers to the initial part of a type-3 fu'ivla which is a rafsi. x2 is the word in which the rafsi is used, x3 is the word from which the rafsi has been derived. See also: cibyfu'ivla, fu'ivla, rafsi.