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lujvo x1=d1=g2 desublimates from the gaseous state at temperature x2=d2=g3 with pressure x3=d3. The process of this is called “deposition” or “desublimation” in English. From “gapci dunja”; refers to a direct change of the state of matter from gaseous to solid. Cf. ligyfebvi.
lujvo c1 is a quantity of café au lait/latte/café con leche/cappuccino/flat white/coffee with heated dairy [or similar] product/creamer/whitener la1=g1, addition warm by standard g2. See also: coffee with milk (=ladyckafi), café au lait (=ckafre'ole), caffè latte (=kafrlate), café con leche (=kafrlece), cappuccino (=kafrkapucino), flat white (=kafrsralo), latte drinker (=pixrlate).
fu'ivla x1 gives x2 (li) fucks about x3. A smaller x2 means less caring. Use of vague numbers is obviously permitted. (Why not?) "Barely give a shit" (= "gleua li so'u") "Doesn't give a fuck" (= "gleua li no"). Numbers can be made to lujvo with this to create pseudo-words meaning "to give no fucks" (= "no zei gleua"). Of course, this word can be used positively (= "gleua li so'e") to mean something like "I care a great deal!"
lujvo g1=b1 is the English language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 (si'o/du'u, not quote). Cf. glico, bangu, bangenugu, gliglibau, merbau, xinglibau, kadnyglibau, sralybau, kisyglibau, nanfi'oglibau, bangrnaidjiria.
lujvo x1=z1=r1=g1 procrastinates/avoids doing work x2=r2=g2 (ka), instead doing x3=r3 (ka). I figured I'd FINALLY get around to defining this, only for it to be in order to delay doing homework. cf. zukte, rivbi, gunka, dimna, funca.
lujvo s1 is a communist ideology (default: Marxist-Leninist) as it applies to the governance of people/territory/domain t2 based on the works of thinker(s) s3 From gunka, turni, sidbo. Cf. trudjigri, ka'irtrusi'o, dzejdasratrusi'o, vricykricrutrusi'o, fairpaltrusi'o, natpamtrusi'o, tsarainaitrusi'o.
lujvo x1 (agent) invades x2 (place) for objective x3 klama_3 through klama_5 dropped for being usually irrelevant to this concept; if need be they can be replaced with teka'a/veka'a/xeka'a or ra'i/pu'ai/sepi'o. See zernerkla, gunta, nerkla
lujvo x1=j1=k1 approaches x2=j2=k2 from x3=k3 via route x4=k4 by means of transportation x5=k5. Cf. jibni, klama, jbibi'o, jbize'a.
lujvo x1=l1=s1 is plaything/toy of player x2=s2 and reflects [Loglandic]/Lojbanic language/culture/nationality/community in aspect x3=l2; x1=l1=s1 is Lojbanic game played by x2=s2. lojbo se kelci
lujvo x1 is a defined Lojban word, considered as a word as per Lojban's grammar, with meaning/role x2 In Lojban, particles such as "lo", "ku" etc. are considered to be words, whereas they may not be considered so according to other standards (for example, as "lo" and "ku" cannot appear in isolation, they are arguably closer to clitics than independent words). See also jbokravla (native Lojban word) and valsi.
lujvo j1 is a dwarf planet revolving around j2 with characteristics j3, orbital parameters j4. Cf. jdika, plini, pluton, eris, cmaplini, plinycma. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU)reduced the status of Pluto and Eris from 'planets' to a new category: 'dwarf planets'.
lujvo x1 is a "false friend" (letter/symbol in a different writing system that looks similar, but differs significantly in meaning) to x2, in alphabet/character-set x3 representing x4 This is a cimjvo, with a rather obvious calque from a metaphor common to many languages. See lerfu, smuni, bangu
lujvo x1 is a "false friend" (word in different language that looks or sounds similar, but differs significantly in meaning) to x2, meaning x3 in language x4. This is a cimjvo, with a rather obvious calque from a metaphor common to many languages. See valsi, smuni, bangu. Synonymous to pevjifpedvla.
lujvo c1 is a quantity of liqueur coffee/coffee drink with a shot of liqueur/spirit j1. See also: coffee making (=kafpra), Gaelic/Highland/Irish Coffee (=kotyjikryckafi), Bailey's Coffee (=kafrbeili), Monk's Coffee (=kafrbenediktine), Whisky Coffee (=ckafruiski), Russian Coffee (=kafrvo'otka), Karsk (=kafrkarska).
lujvo x1=m1 is a specimen of a species/subspecies defined by traits including x2=m2, classified as x3=m3=j1, genus x4=m3=j2, etc. Open-ended reverse Linnaean place structure: see jutsi. See also jutlei, mupli.
lujvo cu1 makes coffee/produces a quantity of coffee drink/product cu2=ck1 by process cu3. Examples of x2: black coffee (=xekckafi), coffee beverage with dairy product (=ladyckafi), liqueur coffee (=jikryckafi), decaffeinated coffee (=nalkafxumckafi). See also coffeemaker (=kafpraca'a), barista (=crekafpra), fika/coffee break (=fi'ikca).