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lujvo ca1 is a coffeemaker/is an apparatus/device for producing coffee ca2=cu2=ck1 controlled/[triggered] by ca3 (agent). See also: making coffee (=kafpra), (electric) drip coffeemaker (=digyfalkafpraca'a), french press (=da'erju'ebo'i), moka pot (=botrmuka), percolator (=botrperkolato), espresso machine (=cabrspreso), vending machine (=venzmi), coffee (paper) filter (=kafpleju'e).
lujvo d1 is d2 (default 1) coffee measuring cup(s), standard d3 (default: 1 volume unit=1 cup of drinkable coffee), d4 subunits. Coffee measure is a unit of volume that is not, strictly speaking, is a unit of measurement , but rather a name for a measuring cup with slightly different size, but usually 15 to 20 ml. The measure is designed to measure the adequacy 1-1.25 cups drinkable coffee .
lujvo t2 is a/the private computer network that includes nodes/computers t1=s1 whose function/purpose is s2, installed across organization k1. Cf. kagni, skami, tcana, mujysamseltcana, internet, intranet. May or may not be an intranet.
lujvo d2 is/are the indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm d1=k1 to creditor(s) d3 for the provision of goods /services/loans d4. Cf. kagni, dejni, kagyselpo'e, terdejni, {ze'i zei seldejni}, {ze'u zei seldejni}, paurseldejni, na'arkagnoi.
lujvo s1 is the concept of representative democracy (default: political representative democracy) as it applies to the governance of t2 based on the works of thinker(s) s3 From krati, turni, sidbo. Cf. dzejdasratrusi'o, vricykricrutrusi'o, fairpaltrusi'o, guntrusi'o, natpamtrusi'o, tsarainaitrusi'o.
lujvo x1 is January of year x2 in calendar x3. Cf. pavmasti, nanca, jaurbeima'i, fipma'i, lanma'i, bakma'i, matsi'uma'i, mlajukma'i, cinfyma'i, xlima'i, laxma'i, rebjukma'i, celma'i.
lujvo x1=c1=k2 is a self-propelled artillery gun for use against x2 by x3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3. Cf. karce, cecla, xarci, xumjimcelxa'i, gutyjamkarce, xiljamkarce, karcycelxa'i, sorjaknykarce.
experimental cmavo Locks tanru modification order reversal (does not affect lujvo). {ke'e'unai} restores regular order Makes all tanru in the following text "selskiski"/"military-style": i.e. tertau come *before* seltau. This essentially puts ke'oi before every tanru. // This is an experimental cmavo in the truest sense of the word, used to test out "what if" Lojban chose "noun-adjective" order, which does have several advantages (chief of them being that the selbri-unit that describes the subject is uttered first), despite being unusual for English speakers.
lujvo x1=k1=s1 is a server on the Internet for a client x2=k1=s2 of service x3=s3. -kib- is a short rafsi of experimental gismu kibro. See samseltcana_2 for nodes of a network, kibro selfu, kibdu'a, kibycpa, kibyca'o
lujvo x1=s1=p1 is an episode about x2=s2 [plot/subject] by filmmaker x3=s3 for audience x4=s4, as a part of series x5=p2 The x2 place always describes an episode, but can therefore be used transitively to describe the series x5. This is not necessarily a television series and can refer to an episodic film series as well.
lujvo x1 is measured in x2 (default 1) kilobits (10^3 bits) See kilto, bitni, kirbibitni, ki'orbaitni. // Series: ki'orbitni megbitni gigbitni tetybitni petybitni xexybitni zepybitni gotybitni
lujvo x1=s1=k1 drives x2=s2=k5 to x3=k2 from x4=k3 via route x5=k4 Used to specify agentive operation of the transportation vehicle, as opposed to simply being carried by it. See also sazri, klama, ma'ekla
lujvo x1=v1=k1 is a word/quotation crossing other words/quotations, meaning/defined by x2=v2, located at x3=k3 Across -> pinta, down -> sraji, crossword puzzle -> "kucyvla se namkei". Example: "12 across: what you like -> beautiful" is "zo melbi cu kucyvla lu da poi do nelci li'u li pare poi pinta". x1 may be a non grammatical quotation.
lujvo f1=k1 is fermented with fermenting agent f2, tasty to observer x3=k2. Cf. jurme, fomymledi, mledi, birje, vanju, nanba, cirla, ladru, sobysanso, furfipsanso.
lujvo x1=g1 works on x2=g2 with goal/purpose x3=g3 which is associated to school x4=c1 at x5=c2 teaching subject(s) x6=c3 to audience/community x7=c4 (of which x1 is a part) operated by x8=c5 The x2 could be homework, c.f. zdakemkulgu'a.
lujvo x1=c4=m1 graduates/completes coursework from x2=c1 at location x3=c2 in subject matter x4=c3, by the standards of the administration x5=c5=m3 This is really a dropped SE of velkulmu'o. m2 is the implied "property of learning at c2 subject matter c3 from school c1"