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lujvo x1=b2=p3 is a (predicate) equivalence relationship/similarity/parallel with/between/among arguments (sequence(s)/set(s)) x2=b3=p1=p2, partitioning (with only empty intersection) set/structure x3=p4; elements of x2 are mutually similar in property x1 within structure x3; x3 is partitioned by x1 into equivalence classes (including) x2; An equivalence relation is reflective, symmetric, and transitive. Likewise for the first two terbri of panra. Therefore, order of x2 is unimportant. See also: panra, panrykle, terpanryziltolju'i
lujvo x1 is January/the first month of year x2 in calendar x3. Duration. For date, use masnpa. Cf. relmasti, cibmasti, vonmasti, mumymasti, xavmasti, zelmasti, bivmasti, sozymasti, pavnonmasti, pavypavmasti, pavrelmasti, nanca, kanbyma'i.
lujvo j1 has the rank of Field Marshall/General of the Army//Fleet Admiral/Marshall of the Air Force (equivalent of NATO OF-10) in military unit j2. Cf. pa, no, moi, jatna, jemja'a, vairsoi, sozmoija'a, bivmoija'a. Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel.
lujvo p1 is the closest planet (default is Mercury if p2 is the Sun) revolving around p2 (default is the Sun), with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4. Cf. pavyplin, relplini, cibyplini etc.; see also terdi, solri,mluni, lunra, plinycma, tarci'e.
lujvo x1 (si'o / proposed-or-existing cmavo) deserves a monosyllabic cmavo x2, even though language x3 (default Lojban) is running out of cmavo space, because of letteral-manipulation cmavo x4 and other-rarely-used cmavo x5, and it must have that monosyllabic cmavo at time x6 (default: lo ca'abna), [insert expletive x7 (default zo mabla)] it! u'ivla. See gimy'inda
lujvo The feel/texture of c1=r1=p2 is hair-raising/sets one's teeth on edge/squicks/gives the willies/heebie-jeebies to p1, who touches it with p3 [a locus on p1 or an instrument] at p4 [a locus on c1=r1=p2]. The unpleasant feeling induced is the same as that in tinmosycpina, but caused by touch rather than hearing.
lujvo c1=p3 (agent) comments/remarks on/observes c2=p1 about subject x3=p2 to audience x4=c3=p4 via expressive medium x5=c5. Cf. zgana, ga'a, za'a, retsku.
lujvo x1=m1=g1 is a Death Star destroying planet x2=po1=pl1 (default zi'o), into pieces x3=po2, with exhahust pipe x4. x2 defaults to zi'o so you can refer to a Death Star that isn't necessarily destroying a planet. cf. plini, porpi, gasnu, minji
lujvo g1=s1=p1 is a pome [fruit] of species/strain g2. In botany, a pome (after the Latin word for fruit: pōmum) is a type of fruit (=grute) produced by flowering plants in the subtribe Malinae of the family Rosaceae. The best-known example of a pome is the apple (=plise). See also: plants in the subtribe Malinae of the family Rosaceae (=plisysmispa).
lujvo f1=c1 [value] is a/the median/quartile/decile/percentile/fraction-type of median with numerator f2, denominator f3 in property/amount c2 (ka/ni) among p1 (s) (ordered set) by standard c4. Median (=porna'ofrinu li pa li re;porna'o). 1st quartile (=porna'ofrinu li pa li vo). 3rd decile (=porna'ofrinu li ci li pano). 5th percentile (=porna'ofrinu li mu li panono).
lujvo d1 is the price of possessing/owning object d2=p2 for potential owner d3=p1 from vendor d4 under law/custom p3 ponse+jdima. This variant of jdima is pedantically semantic distinction between the price of "ownership" of an object rather than the price of the object itself.
lujvo x1=g1 (agent) makes x2=p1 (event/state) pleasant to x3=p2 under pleasantness conditions x4=p3; x1 pleases (one sense) x3 with x2 (event/state) The pleasing of x3 by x1 (via x2) need not be sexual in nature, or even direct. See also: glepukygau, glepu'a.
lujvo p1 is the second closest planet (default is Venus if p2 is the Sun) revolving around p2 (default is the Sun), with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4. Cf. relplin, pavyplini, cibyplini etc.; see also terdi, solri, mluni, lunra, plinycma, tarci'e.
lujvo c1=p3 asks/puts question c2=p1 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) of/to c3=p4 via expressive medium c4 about subject p2. Cf. preti, cusku, kuclanli, piksku, xu, xo, ma, mo.
lujvo s1=c1 is a green plant/viridiplantae/viridiphyta/chlorobionta/plantae sensu strictu of species/strain/cultivar s2 This group includes the land plants plus various groups of green algae, including stoneworts. The names given to these groups vary considerably as of July 2011. Viridiplantae encompass a group of organisms that possess chlorophyll a and b, have plastids that are bound by only two membranes, are capable of storing starch, and have cellulose in their cell walls.
lujvo x1=b1 becomes rock/is petrified/is fossilized/is transformed into a statue x2=r1=b2 (result) of composition x3=r2 at/from location x4=r3 under condition x5=b3 The process by which this happens is not specified and can be bio-geological (as with petrified trees) or magical (as with Medusa). x1 may not be biological. See also: rokybixmivborvelvi'u, rokybixygau