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lujvo x1 is the conceptualized/ideal/abstract shape of a biconvex lens formed by/manifested from the intersection x2 (parameters) of two-dimensional circular disks immersed (embedded) in geometry/defined by metric x3; x1 is the convex-only region bounded by intersecting circular arcs given by x2 May not be symmetric (statement to such end can be made by specifying parameters of circular disks via x2). This shape is "filled", being formed by the intersection of disks. Contrast with: tairmlunra. See also: cuktai
lujvo x1=p1 is a network route/path to node x2=p2=t1 from node x3=p3=t1 via points/nodes x4=p4 within transport/communication/distribution system/network x5=t2. Unusual in that t1 appears more than once. x4 is also really a set of t1s. See also tcana, pluta
lujvo b1=m1 is huge/enormous/very big in property b2 with criterion b3. mutce+barda. See also: brabra, caibra, selte'abra, dukse, cimni, camganra; antonym: cmacma.
lujvo m1 is a polynomial function in variable t2=s2 of degree (maximum power with nonzero coefficient) t3 interpreted by rules m2 m2 can include (but is not limited to) information about the underlying formal polynomial and/or ring of definition, steps of addition series (which terms are being summed), and input domain of the function. t2 is a variable of input (no longer an indeterminant, as it is for the underlying formal polynomial). See also: cpolinomi'a
lujvo x1 is a member of the unordered set x2 upon which rules x3 are applied in order to produce list x4; x1 is a member of the elements constituting list x4. Also "x1 is part of list x4". cf. cmima, cmavo list lu'a and lo'i, porsi.
lujvo x1 (agent) elaborates on x2 [explains x2 in more detail] to audience x3 with description x4 x1=skicu_1=jmina_1, x2=skicu_2=jmina_3=tcila_2, x3=skicu_3, x4=skicu_4=jmina_2=tcila_1.
lujvo c1=m1=t2, sound produced by the friction/contact/rubbing between m2 and m3, is a gride sound/hair-raising/sets one's teeth on edge/squicks/gives the willies/heebie-jeebies to t1, who hears it against background/noise t3. This is epitomized by the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Short for seltinmosycpina. Cf. pecrufcpina.
lujvo x1=t1=g1 is inert gas of material/composition including x2=g2, under conditions x3=g3. Inert gases are different from noble gases both in the intension and the extension. Noble gases, nitrogen gas and some compound gases are called inert gas depending on context, though some heavier noble gases, as well as nitrogen, react with other substances under certain conditions. See to'e frati gapci; navni.
lujvo m1=t1 is the ugliest/[most unsightly] among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect m3 (ka) by aesthetic standard m4. Cf. to'e, melbi, zmadu, tolmle, tolmlemau, mectolmlerai, tolmleme'a.
lujvo x1 contrasts-with/is-distinguished-from/is-set-apart-from x2 in property/aspect x3 Things are parallel, analogous or equivalent in some property when they share that property, not when they differ in it, so the te panra has to be the property which they share and makes them parallel. When the focus is on a property that they don't share, the things are said to contrast in that property, they are not parallel in it. See also panra.
lujvo k1 subitizes (effortlessly/immediately/instantly counts the number in/recognizes the cardinality of) set k2 to be k3 [number/count], counted by/in terms of units k4 "Counting off" does not really make sense for this word. Must be extremely rapid without very much active tabulation/numeric processing/calculation; also must be confident and accurate in order to be true subitization (although this word my apply to false/imperfect subitization). See also: tolsurla, kancu.
lujvo x1 is flexible/supple/limber/bendable/non-resistant in direction x2 against force x3 under conditions x4. not limited to physical forces; e.g. mental rigidity. See also tinsa, ranti, bapli, jdari, nandu, torni, trati, xarnu, danre, stodi.
lujvo x1 is soft/quiet/making only a bit of noise, at observation point x2 by standard x3. “Silent” is smaji, whereas tolylau refers to a small amount of sound. Likewise, “totally noisy” is tolsma, which is even greater than cladu. smaji < tolylau < cladu < tolsma.
lujvo c1=t1 is the government of organizational type c2 of people/territory/domain/subjects t2 displaying properties c4. Cf. turni, ciste, vajraifla, zuktruci'e, flatruci'e, pairtruci'e, flacfatrugri, flazautrugri, trupau, trupausle.
lujvo g1=d1=t1 is a political party operating in territory t2 with members g3 CF. turni, djica, girzu, trusi'o, truci'e, ka'irtrusi'o, dzejdasratrusi'o, vricykricrutrusi'o, fairpaltrusi'o, guntrusi'o, natpamtrusi'o, tsarainaitrusi'o.
lujvo s1 is a political ideology about t1 ruling t2 based on the work of thinker s3 Cf. turni, sidbo, truci'e, trudjigri, ka'irtrusi'o, dzejdasratrusi'o, vricykricrutrusi'o, fairpaltrusi'o, guntrusi'o, natpamtrusi'o, tsarainaitrusi'o.