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lujvo s1 is a fascist ideology as applied by t1 among/in people/territory/domain t2 based on the works of thinker s3 From tsali, traji, natmi, turni, sidbo. Cf. trudjigri, ka'irtrusi'o, dzejdasratrusi'o, vricykricrutrusi'o, fairpaltrusi'o, guntrusi'o, natpamtrusi'o.
lujvo x1=r1 (nu) physically causes x2=t1 (object, usually pointed) to poke x3=t2 (experiencer) under conditions x4=r3 x4 are the conditions of the causation. Use jai or tack its rafsi -jax- on the front to make the x1 into an concrete sumti, presumably the person doing the poking.
lujvo x1 is a mailer about v2 from x3=v1 for audience x2=v3. Cf. vecnu, xatra, cuntu, zaircu'u, zairsnucu'u, venynoicu'u, venxatrycu'u, zacfoncu'u, faircu'u, vencu'u.
lujvo c1 the direct mail business/activity/function for goods/products/services/activities v2 from/by x3=v1 to audience x2=v3. Cf. vecnu, xatra, cuntu, zaircu'u, zairsnucu'u, venynoicu'u, venxa'a, zacfoncu'u, faircu'u, vencu'u.
lujvo c1 the advertising business/activity/function about goods/products/services/activities n2=v2 from/by n2=v1 to audience n4=v3. Cf. vecnu, notci, cuntu, venynoi, zaircu'u, zairsnucu'u, venxatrycu'u, zacfoncu'u, faircu'u, vencu'u.
lujvo x1=c2 completely fills the display of monitor/screen x2=c1=v1; x1=c2 is “in fullscreen”. x1=c2 is not very specific here. It could refer, for example, to a computer program (samtci), a window ({pevyca'o zei uidje}), a movie (skina) or something else.
lujvo x1=k1 is a loo/water closet/[room with toilet], in which x2=v1 excretes x3=v2, in home/building/structure x4=k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor x5=k3 (mass/jo'u) From vimstizu. As distinct from lumku'a, which is a room that primarily features washing facilities, this is a room that primarily features a means of relieving one's self.
lujvo l1 is a line of text defined by set of words/string l2 meaning x3=v2 in language x4=v3. See also valsi, linji, lerpinsle, jufra, jufmei, vlagri, pempau
lujvo x1=p4 is the locus/place of (vocal) articulation of sound/vocal product x2=v1=c2 made by instrument/locus/vocalization tool x3=p3 in individual speaker x4=v2=c1=p1 x3 will most likely be loci of the surface of the tongue, lips, teeth, interior regions of the cheeks, uvula, epiglottis, glottis, pharynx, roof of the mouth, jaws, etc. (Arguably could apply to regions of crickets legs aand other parts of the body for various organisms/entities, including humans; but it must be "vocal" in a generalized sense).
lujvo t1=d1=f1=v1 is a board for use in water/(wind/kite)surfingboard/bodyboard/wakeboard of material/property t2. From tanbo, djacu, falnu, vofli (f2, f3, v2 subsumed). See also sufingboard (=bonjacta'o), windsurfingboard (=fanjacta'o), wakesurfingboard (=blobonjacta'o).
lujvo p1 is the fourth closest planet (default is Mars if p2 is the Sun) revolving around p2 (default is the Sun), with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4. Cf. vonplin, pavyplini, relplini etc.; see also terdi, solri, mluni, lunra, plinycma, tarci'e.
experimental gismu x1 is the subtraction-difference of x2 and x3 (and x4 etc.); x1 = x2 - x3 [ - x4 etc.] Near-synonymous to selsumji, but better conveys the concept of "subtraction", as opposed to merely "addend", as well as being more convenient for lujvo. See vu'u, sumji, pilji, dilcu, frinu. Proposed rafsi: -vuj-, -vu'u-
lujvo b1 is a Signed Language used by x2=b2 to express/communicate b3 (si'o/du'u, not quote). (x1) - "Sign Language" in the sense of visually transmitting patterns using hands, arms, body, and facial expression to convey meaning (i.e., Manual communication, body language). (x2) - "Sign Language speaker." See also xanle'u, xanle'ule'u, xancrcereme and saskrcereme. (x3) - "thing expressed in Sign Language." See also xance, bangu.
lujvo xl1 (la'e zo BY/word-bu) is a fingerspelling sign in character-set of sign language/system of manual communication xl2 representing letter/digit/symbol xl3=l1 in written alphabet/character-set xl2 performed by hand(s) xl4. From xanle'u+lerfu. See also xanle'u, xanbau, xancrcereme and saskrcereme.
lujvo x1=t1=s1 acts like/pretends to be fictional/imaginary character x2=t2=s2=xa1=p1 imaginary to x3=xa2, in property/way x4=s3 under conditions x5=t3. See also xanri, prenu, simsa, tarti.
lujvo j1 has the rank of Brigadier General/Brigadier/Rear Admiral/Commodore (equivalent of NATO OF-6) in military unit /organization j2. Cf. xa, moi, jatna, jemja'a, vairsoi, zelmoija'a, mumymoija'a. Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel.