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Lojban sentence search

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gismu rafsi: lub x1 is bare/naked/nude; x1 is without cover/clothes/[protection]. See also taxfu, bandu.
lo cifnu pu lunbe
The baby was naked.
la .tam. pu lunbe
Tom was naked.
lo cifnu ca lunbe
The baby is naked.
.a'unaicai do lunbe solvre le vi balni
It's unthinkable that you would sunbathe, naked, on this balcony.
lujvo l1 is half-naked; l1 is partly without cover/clothes/[protection]. See also: lunbe, no'e, taxfu, bandu.
gismu rafsi: bad x1 (event) defends/protects x2 (object/state) from threat/peril/potential x3 (event). Also secures (verb); x1 wards/resists x3; protective cover/shield (= badgai). See also ckape, fanta, fapro, marbi, rivbi, zunti, snura, binra, lunbe, pulji.
gismu rafsi: taf ta'u x1 is dress/a garment/clothing for wearing by x2 (gender/species/body part) serving purpose x3. Also: x2 can wear/is wearing x1; refers to something intended for use as a garment, not merely something that happens to be worn at some time (which need not be true for dasni). See also creka, cutci, daski, dasni, gluta, kosta, mapku, palku, pastu, skaci, smoka, lunbe.