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gismu rafsi: lur x1 is Earth's moon (default); x1 is a major natural satellite/moon of planet x2. See also plini, solri, terdi, mluni.
noda ponse la lunra
Nobody owns the moon.
lo lunra cu darno lo terdi
The moon is distant from the earth.
mi na cpedu tu'a lo lunra pe'a
I'm not asking for the moon.
pu manku nicte secau lo lunra
It was a dark night, with no moon.
lo remna cu pu bajra le lunra
Mankind walked on the Moon.
ba'u nai lo lunra cu na cmalu
To put it mildly, the Moon is not small.
cnino fa no cnita be la lunra
There is nothing new under the moon.
cnino fa no cnita be le lunra
Nothing is new under the Moon (saying).
le terdi ce se lunra pa da
The Earth has one natural moon.
lo nicte cu nu mi viska lo lunra
The night is when I see the Moon.
lo citno cu pagre bu'u lo crane be le lunra
A shadow passed before the moon.
le jakne ba klama fi le terdi fe le lunra
The rocket will go from the Earth to the Moon.
lujvo m1=c1 (object) is completely round/full. Cf. mluni, lunra, nicte.
ca ma do cliva se ka'a lo lunra .i ro mi'a nitcu do
When will you leave for the Moon? We all need you.