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ma pluta lo gusta
How do I get to a restaurant?
ma jibri do
What do you do?
.i ma krinu
What's the reason?
ma pamoi lo'i bende
Which is the leading team?
do caca'o pensi ma
What are you thinking about?
do pu mulgau ma
What did you make?
do ca'o mi'afra ma
What are you laughing at?
ma smuni zo'oi PTA
What does PTA stand for?
nu salci ca ma
When is the party?
ta'o do ma nanca
By the way, how old are you?
do renvi fi ma
How old are you?
do pu tavla ma
Who were you talking with?
do tavla ma
Who are you talking with?
do caca'o stidi ma
What are you suggesting?
do ma certu klani
What is your rating?
mi'o go'a ti'u ma
When are we going to do it?