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experimental cmavo we; several people including one of the speakers; I (the speaker) and at least one another person (even if that person is one of the speakers too) English "we". mi'a, mi'o and ma'a are more specific cases of mi'ai.
experimental cmavo inclusive we; includes the speaker (I) and the listener (you), but may or may not include others May mean mi'o or ma'a, but never mi'a. Also see mi'ai.
gismu rafsi: ma'a x1 is a mountain/hill/mound/[rise]/[peak]/[summit]/[highlands] projecting from land mass x2. See also punli, derxi.
lujvo c1 is a first person pronoun in language c4. Cf. mi, mi'a, ma'a, mi'e, cmavo, donma'o, sevzi, se'a, se'i, se'o.
ma'a klamu'o .a'enai lo skiji cmana .i lo snime cu binxo lo carvi
We finally arrived at the ski hill... the snow had turned into rain.
lo rarna munje ku vajni ca lo nu ma'a se lifri
Nature plays an important role in our life.
ma'a ka'e viska za'u kilto be lo tarci be bu'u lo tsani
We can see thousands of stars in the sky.
ma'a klama lo zarci soi se djuno lo du'u la tom cu zvati zy
We go to the market, knowing that Tom is there.
ro ma'a nitcu lo vacri e lo djacu lo ka jmive
We all need air and water to live.
lo terdi ka'e mansa lo se nitcu .enai lo se du'edji vu'o pe ma'a
The earth can satisfy our needs but not our greed.
lo rarna munje cu vajni ca lo nu ma'a se lifri
Nature plays an important role in our lives.
mi fliba lo ka sipna i sa'u mi entuzi lo ka djuno fi lo ma'a nu ba zi kuspe la pluton
I cannot sleep. I am just electrified by the knowledge of our imminent approach toward Pluto.