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gismu rafsi: pac x1 is evil/depraved/wicked [morally bad] by standard x2. See also zekri, vrude, xlali, marde, mabla.
gismu x1 is a/the urine/piss/pee of x2. See also vikmi, xasne, kalci, mabla, festi.
lujvo x1 is worse than useless to agent x2 by the standard of purpose x3 See narplixau, plixau, mabla, xlali
gismu rafsi: vib x1 is a/the vagina [body-part] of x2. See also cinse, gletu, pinji, plibu, vlagi, mabla.
gismu rafsi: lag x1 is a/the vulva [body-part] of x2. See also cinse, gletu, pinji, plibu, vibna, mabla.
gismu rafsi: zag za'u x1 is a/the buttock(s)/arse/rear/seat [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: rounded surface, support]. Also ass, behind, butt. See also ganxo, mabla.
gismu x1 is a/the testes/ovary/testicle/scrotum/balls/gonad/stamen/pistil [body-part] of x2, gender x3. Egg/sperm/pollen/gamete producing/bearing organ. See also plibu, sovda, pinji, gutra, mabla.
gismu rafsi: gax x1 is a/the anus/anal orifice/asshole/arsehole [body-part] of x2; [metaphor: exit, waste exit]. Also asshole/ass/arsehole; (adjective:) x1 is anal. See also zargu, kalci, mabla, rinci.
gismu rafsi: pib x1 is a/the pubic area/external genitalia [body-part] of x2. See also cinse, gletu, pinji, vibna, vlagi, ganti, mabla.
gismu rafsi: dap x1 curses/damns/condemns x2 to fate (event) x3. Curse with a specific expression (= dapsku). See also mabla, dimna, cnemu, sfasa, dunda, cusku, cirko, jdima, di'ai.
gismu rafsi: let gle x1 copulates/fucks/mates/has coitus/sexual intercourse with x2. x1 and x2 are symmetrical; mounts (= cpanygle). See also cinse, pinji, plibu, vibna, vlagi, mabla, speni.
gismu x1 is a/the clitoris/penis [projecting reproductive organ; body-part] of x2. Normally context eliminates need for specificity; otherwise: penis (= nakpinji), clitoris (= fetpinji). See also cinse, gletu, vibna, plibu, vlagi, mabla, ganti.
gismu rafsi: xla x1 is bad for x2 by standard x3; x1 is poor/unacceptable to x2. Be careful to distinguish between a bad/unacceptable event, and a bad/unacceptable agent: x1 does poorly (= lenu ko'a gasnu cu xlali and not normally ko'a xlali). See also palci, mabla, xamgu, betri.
gismu rafsi: zan za'a x1 is favorable/great/superb/fabulous/dandy/outstanding/swell/admirable/nice/commendable/delightful/desirable/enjoyable/laudable/likable/lovable/wonderful/praiseworthy/high-quality/cool in property x2 by standard x3; x1 rocks in aspect x2 according to x3 See also mabla, xamgu, funca, vrude, banli.
gismu rafsi: dim x1 is a fate/destiny of x2; [doom, curse are mabla-forms]; x2 is fated/predestined/doomed to x1. Fated/destined/doomed (= seldimna). See also dapma.
gismu rafsi: bal ba'i x1 is great/grand in property x2 (ka) by standard x3. Indicates a subjective greatness, as compared to the objective standard implied for barda; (synonyms, possibly requiring tanru:) extraordinary, illustrious, magnificent, impressive, awesome, grandiose, august, inspiring, special, majestic, distinguished, eminent, splendor, stately, imposing (all generally zabna); terrible (mabla). See also barda, nobli, se sinma, pluja, misno, vajni, fasnu, cizra, traji, mutce, se manci.