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ma se zvati le mamta be mi
Where's my mother?
ma se zvati lo do mamta
Where's your mom?
lo mi mamta pu katna lo titnanba
My mother cut the cake.
la meris. cu mamta la tam
Mary is Tom's mother.
do bruna mi lo ka se mamta
You are my brother since we are born from the same mother.
o'o nai lo mamta ca zvati ma
Where is the mother after all?
ti tsiju lo manti lo mamta
This is a fertilized cell producing ant queen.
lo mamta bangu be mi melbi traji seldu'a lo mamta be mi
My native language is the most beautiful gift from my mother.
experimental gismu x1 is a non-binary-gendered parent of x2; x1, which does not subscribe/follow the gender binary (could be hermaphroditic, intersex, asexual, nongendered, transgender, etc.), begets/sires/acts parentally toward x2; [not necessarily biological] Specifies rirni so as to be co-equal to but neither patfu nor mamta. See also: dinti, rirni, mamta, patfu, nunmu.
le mamta be mi'o cu terve'u lo cifyge'u seva'u mi'o
Our mother bought us a puppy.
le mamta cu mrobi'o ca lo mu'e mi pu verba
My mother died when I was a kid.
ra cerda lo ka blanu kanla kei lo mamta
She inherited her mother's blue eyes.
lo tixnu cu mutce simsa lo mamta be vo'a
The girl resembles her mother very much.
lo mamta be ra ca'o ciska lo xatra
Her mother is writing a letter.
xu lo do patfu joi mamta pu zvati lo zdani
Were your mother and father home?
le mi mamta piso'uroi catlu lo tivni ca lo nicte
My mother seldom watches TV at night.