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lo je'unai palci cu xanri lo menli poi na jimpe lo manku sevzi
This so-called "evil" is something that is thought up by minds who do not understand the dark self.
ti'u li ji'ipaxa ge co'a manku binxo gi lo selba'e pe la fred co'a tilju zenba
It was around 4 pm when it started getting dark and Fred's axe was starting to get heavier.
mi nelci lo blabi cakla ne se mau lo manku cakla
I prefer white chocolate to dark chocolate.
le trene mo'u pagre lo manku kevna lo nurma lo jarbu
The train passed the dark hole to reach a rural area from the suburbs of the city.
nandu fa lo nu tolcri lo xekri mlatu bu'u lo manku kumfa
It's hard to find a black cat in a dark room.
gismu rafsi: ti'o x1 is a shadow/the shade of object x2, made by light/energy source x3. See also manku, gusni.
experimental gismu x1 is pale See: kandi, blabi, grusi, manku, xekri
gismu rafsi: lab x1 is white/very-light colored [color adjective]. Pale forms of other colors are a compound of white; e.g. pink (= labyxu'e, xunblabi) (whereas kandi is used for pale = dimness, lack of intensity). See also skari, xekri, grusi, kandi, manku, carmi, bakri, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, narju, nukni, pelxu, xunre, zirpu.
gismu rafsi: gus gu'i x1 [energy] is light/illumination illuminating x2 from light source x3. [x3 illuminates/lights x2 with light/illumination x1; x2 is lit/illuminated by illumination x1 from source x3 (= selgu'i for reordered places); light/lamp (= tergu'i)](cf. dirce, manku, solri, carmi, ctino, kantu)
fu'ivla x1 is a specific kind of bad weather characterized by large dark rain clouds that block out most of the daylight, large, cold rain drops and an overall dark, uncomfortable and unsettling atmosphere, optionally accompanied by icy wind, such that a change in the weather conditions would be a relief to anyone present, both physically and emotionally. This is an original concept. See also manku, tcima, carvi, bratuca, brife, lenku, kufra, rivbi, dunku, tcini, cinmo, dilnu.
gismu rafsi: xek xe'i x1 is black/extremely dark-colored [color adjective]. See also blabi, grusi, manku, skari, xekri, kandi, carmi, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, narju, nukni, pelxu, xunre, zirpu.
gismu rafsi: kad x1 is dim/dull/pale/non-intense in property x2 (ka) as received/measured by observer x3. In colors, indicates unsaturated, pastel, pale (though blabi can also indicate a kind of paleness). See also blabi, carmi, klina, linto, manku, murse, ruble, skari, milxe, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, grusi, narju, nukni, pelxu, xekri, xunre, zirpu.