lojbo jufsisku
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gismu x1 is an ant of species/breed x2. See also cinki, jalra.
manti saske
lo sakta cu trina lo manti
Sugar attracts ants.
ti tsiju lo manti lo mamta
This is a fertilized cell producing ant queen.
lo tutra be lo manti cu zenba
The territory controlled by ants is extending.
vo manti ca plipe lo tricu
There are 4 ants climbing the tree.
fu'ivla x1 is a pangolin of species/breed x2. Cf. mabru, manti, mudyctijalra.
lujvo z1 is an anthill of ants z2=m1. Cf. manti, zdani
lujvo mam1 is an ant queen of ants mam2=man1 of species/breed man2. Cf. manti, mamta
gismu x1 is an insect/arthropod of species x2; [bug/beetle]. See also civla, danlu, jalra, jukni, manti, sfani, toldi, bifce.
gismu x1 is a cockroach/orthopteran/termite of order/species/breed x2. Also grasshopper (= pipyjalra); cricket (= sagjalra); locust, termite (= mantyjalra or mudyctijalra). (Orthoptera includes grasshoppers, crickets, etc; termites are a closely-related non-Orthoptera, more akin to cockroaches than to e.g. ants); See also cinki, civla, manti.