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experimental gismu x1 is a quantity of fluff of composition/structure/characterization/substance x2; x1 is fluffy/airy/soft/fuzzy in texture Visual and tactile. Most likely is malleable, but this word has no such implications inherently; porousness or foaminess is likewise not implied. Might also include "cushiony", "cotton-like", "wool-like"; a fractal nature might be present. For fuzziness: not necessarily hairy or furry, but must be soft; not bristly (which implies stiffness and hardness). See also: ranti, rufsu, xutla, panje, dilnu, mapni, sunla, fonmo, jduli, pesxu, marji.
lujvo x1 = s1 = m1 is a quantity of fluffy-sugar/cotton candy/candy floss/fairy floss from source x2 = s2 and composition x3 = s3 = m2 Caution: mapra is an experimental gismu
lujvo x1=m1 is a dust-bunny/quantity of dust-bunnies/fluffy clump of various dusts and hair and other things, of composition x2=m2, held together by/with dust settling on surface x3=p3 mapra is an experimental gismu. x2 arguably includes p2 and p1. x3 includes hairs, etc.