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gismu rafsi: maj mai x1 is material/stuff/matter of type/composition including x2 in shape/form x3. Also (adjective:) x1 is physical (one sense)/material. See also morna, mucti, nejni, tarmi, dacti.
lo kolme cu marji lo tabno
Coal consists of carbon.
lo tanxe cu marji lo tinci
The box is made of tin.
lo botpi be lo birje cu marji lo blaci
Bottles of beer are made of glass.
lo vi nanba cu marji lo mraji lo bliku
This bread is made of rye and has the form of a block.
.i ta'onai mi ca jimpe tu'a zo marji .i .e'u pilno lu marce vorme li'u
But back to the point; I now understand the word "material". I suggest using "vehicle door".
xa no re selci be lo marji cu zepti lo molro lo ka se canlu
One zeptomole (zmol) of substance contains 602 particles.
cmavo marji modal, 1st place material in object/substance ...
cmavo-compound marji modal, 2nd place made of material/composition ...
cmavo-compound marji modal, 3rd place in material form ...
gismu rafsi: dai x1 is a material object enduring in space-time; x1 is a thing. See also marji, xanri.
lujvo m1=b1 is chewing gum of type/composition m2 in shape/form m3. Cf. batci, marji.
gismu rafsi: mut x1 is immaterial/not physical/without material form. See also marji, menli, pruxi, sidbo.
gismu rafsi: nen x1 is energy of type x2 in form x3. Ray/beam (= nenli'i). See also marji, tarmi, kantu, lazni, livla.
experimental gismu x1 is physical/actual/pertains to physics in aspect x2 (ka) of type x3 by standard/in metaphysics x4 Perhaps includes (but would not be limited to): material, bodily, tangible. x1 need not be a substance/matter; spacetime, physical quantities (such as energy), virtual particles, and even the rules of physics and some mathematical theorems could be considered to be physical. See also: jikfi, termu'e, termu'eske, mairza'i, tifmu'eza'i, dacti, marji, xanri, fatci, menli, cinmo, cmaci.