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gismu x1 is a mat/pad/mattress/pallet [flat, soft, dense form] of material x2. Also mattress = (kicymatci). See also kicne, tapla, karda, ckana.
lo mlatu cu cpana lo matci
The cat is on the mat.
ko jai mosra lo cutci lo matci
Wipe your shoes on the mat.
lujvo b1 is bedcloth of material b2. Cf. kicne, matci, badgai, sipna.
lujvo m1=k2 is a mattress with cushion k1. Cf. matci, kicne.
gismu x1 is a card [small nearly-2-dimensional shape/form] of material x2, shape x3. (x3 shape default rectangular); See also matci, tapla, plita.
gismu rafsi: kic ki'e x1 cushions x2 with material x3; x1 is a cushion/pillow/pad [for x2] of padding material x3. See also ckana, matci.
gismu x1 is a tile/cake [shape/form] of material x2, shape x3, thickness x4. A tile is a 3-dimensional object, relatively uniform and significant in the 3rd dimension, but thin enough that its shape in the the other two dimensions is a significant feature; 'city block' is conceptually a tile; polygon (= taplytai or kardytai - shaped like an approximately-2-dimensional block, lijyclupa - a loop composed of lines). (cf. bliku, kubli, matci; karda, for which the 3rd dimension is insignificant, bliku, kurfa, matci, plita, tarmi)
gismu rafsi: cka x1 is a bed/pallet of material x2 for holding/supporting x3 (person/object/event). See also kamju, kicne, nilce, palta, cpana, vreta, jubme, stizu, matci, zbepi, palne, sarji.