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fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''dba'' (Bangi Me). See also bangu
experimental cmavo Forgive me!/I'm sorry! cf. fraxu, u'u.
lujvo m1=p1 is me. Used instead of mi when a brivla is needed.
ti'e da finti lo simsa be la xaskel bei do'e lo kantu skami i i'a i ko dunda fi mi fe lo kantu skami ije mi cilre
They say someone invented something like Haskell for quantum computers. Okay then, give me a quantum computer and I will learn it.
mi tavla do lo mlatu i je do tavla mi lo mlatu i va'i mi ce do tavla zu'ai lo mlatu
I talk to you about cats, and you talk to me about cats. In other words, we talk to each other about cats.
experimental cmavo Accepts any number of sumti and turns them into a selbri-unit that means "x1 is among the referents of these sumti". See me, menre, cmima. Elidable terminator: mei'o
fu'ivla x1 is among x2, x3, x4, etc. See menre, me, porsice, setmice, gunmace
lujvo ma1=g1 is a cosmetic/makeup for beautifying me1 in aspect me3, made up of material ma2 in form ma3 me2, me4 dropped. g2 is lo nu me1 melbi zi'o me3
fu'ivla x1=d1 dances waltz with x2 to accompaniment/music/rhythm x3=d2. Viennese Waltz (=lo nu me la vin. dansrvalze).
fu'ivla x1 is the country with the code ISO-3166 ''ME'' (Montenegro) for people x2. See also gugde
lujvo ml1 is a temple belonging to me2 from mebri mlana
experimental cmavo single Lojban-word name quote, turns to selbri-unit: "x1 is that which has this name" Similar to ze'oi, but specifically used for names. Convenient for tanru with brivycme and grammars with brivla-cmevla merge, to avoid having to wrap a single word up in "me la ... ku".
experimental cmavo other than me Can include do. ma'a can be defined as "mi jo'u do jo'u da'ai"
experimental cmavo Convert abstract predicate sumti back to predicate Has an inverse: me'ei. Essentially synonymous with ckaji. Differences: ckaji2 is unary whereas the me'au-predicate can have any arity; me'au is in ME.
experimental cmavo at the second N of the minute. metnidytcika modal. ex. samymri ti mi ti'u'i li vo xa (This was e-mailed to me at 46 seconds past the minute.) See also ti'u; ti'u'a, ti'u'e.
experimental cmavo discursive: imagining/roleplaying - not imagining/"out of character / in real life" Denotes imaginary/roleplaying actions and events. Serves much the same purpose as *star-quotes* or the /me function [= xa'i mi] would in online communities. Cf. da'i, xanri, xarpei