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cmavo the mathematical expression (unevaluated); convert unevaluated mathematical expression to sumti.
me'o pa re ci
123 (as a text).
me'o ga'e gy. cu ga'ezeilerfu
"G" is an upper-case character.
ko catke la'e me'o so pa pa
Dial 911!
ko jorne la'e me'o so pa pa
Call 911!
ko catke la'e me'o so pa pa
Dial 911!
me'o FVD sinxa lu fange ke vofli dacti li'u
UFO stands for unidentified flying object.
mi pilno la'e me'o vy bu vy bu vy bu
I use WWW.
ti jganu me'o a bu lo mitre be li pi mu gi'e stero be li re
This is an angle from vertex A having the lateral of 0.5 meters and subtending two steradians.
me'o re pi mu saclu li mu fe'i re li pa no
2.5 is the decimal equivalent of the fraction 5/2 in base 10.
experimental cmavo unevaluated mekso as name. Where "la broda brode" is to "la'e lu broda brode" as "li'ai by cy" is to "la'e me'o by cy". See also li, me'o, la, la'e.
experimental cmavo arbitrary character string or irregular number Accepts any arbitrary string of BY, bu-letterals, PA. Elidable terminator: lo'o. See li'ai, me'o, mo'e, li. [Tentative proposal: li'ei = li pe'o joi'i / me'o pe'o joi'i]
gismu x1 (me'o) is the [decimal/binary] equivalent of fractional x2 (me'o) in base x3 (quantity). Conversion from fractions to decimal-point based notation. See also namcu, frinu.
lo pi'ai mitre fei'u snidu cu gradu le sornairauci'e lo ni muvysutra .i le go'i cu se sinxa me'o my fi'ubu sy
The meter per second is the SI unit for velocity. Its symbol is m/s.
li fy pe li xy cu fancu li ma'u li ma'u no me'o vei xy su'i pa ve'o pi'i vei xy vu'u pa ve'o
f(x) = (x + 1) (x − 1), where x > 1, f(x) > 0.
lujvo x1 is the empty character string May be understood as 'me'o lo'o'. See also kunti, lerpoi, kutpoi, kutysetmima, kutyuenzi, kutydza, zai'o.