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cmavo rafsi: mem mei convert number to cardinality selbri; x1 is the mass formed from set x2 whose n member(s) are x3. [x1 is a mass with N components x3 composing set x2; x2 is an n-tuple (x2 is completely specified) (= selmei for reordered places); x1 forms an n-some; x3 (not necessarily a complete enumeration) are among the members of x2]; See also cmima, gunma, cmavo list moi.
la .meilis.
Mei Li
mi pa mei cifnu
I am an only child.
mi'o re mei
You and I are two.
pa mei lo nabmi
It is one of the problems.
lo vanbi cu so'i mei
There are many factors.
vi ckusro lo me'i munoki'o mei
There are more than 50,000 books in this library.
le vo mei pu klama le kumfa
The four entered the room.
lujvo x1 are numerous/many See also so'i, mei
lujvo x1 are few See also so'u, mei
ma se slabu lo cukta poi papri pa mei
Who is familiar with a book consisting of one page only?
mi ralte pa boi re mei be lo gluta
I have a pair of mittens.
mi pu bajra te ka'a le za'u mei
I ran away from them.
lo nu mi tsuku pu spaji le za'u mei
My arrival surprised them.
lujvo x1 is/are x2 (li) in number, and are among x3 This definition is based on the BPFK definition of mei. See also mei.
pa mai la meilis ze'i se zdani ti
First, Mei Li has been living here for a short time.