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le re mei pu troci lo ka ganse le gusni vau za'u re'u i ku'i le re mei na pu djuno lo du'u xu kau la'e de'e cu du lo sinxa poi le re mei ze'u kanpe tu'a ke'a
They both tried to observe it once again. But they didn't know whether that was the sign they had been expecting for so long.
lujvo x1 (sequence) has length x2 See also cmimei, pormoi, memkai, mei
lujvo x1 is a mythos of myths x2 See ranmi, mei, memkai
la alis ce la meilis pu jamna zu'ai lo du'u jdice lo du'u ma kau traji lo ka melbi vau lo me vo'a
Alice and Mei Lee were at war with each other in deciding who was prettier among them.
mo'u re mei jeftu .i je mi za'o na penmi do
Two weeks have passed and I haven't seen you.
gau mi fatri fa lo titla lo verba lo pa mei
I handed out candies to children one candy to each of them.
lo prenu pu jdika lo ka gunma vau lo ci mei
People decreased in number by three persons.
xu do kakne lo ka zgipli lo jgita be loi ze mei
Can you play a 7-stringed guitar?
mi kancu lo prenu li pa re lo ka re mei
I counted the people as 12 couples.
le za'u mei ba'o pilno lo minji pe te fi'e lo nu cpacu lo ctile
They no longer use machines created to get oil.
le za'u mei cu tigni lo ka sutra dansu vau lo tadni
They are performing a fast dance before students.
lujvo x1=moi1 is the x2-th element out of x3 elements from set x4=moi2=mei2. x3 is the total number of elements in set x3. Cf. mei, moi.
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''mei'' (Midob). See also bangu
zu'u cu'i fau lo nu le za'u mei cu du'e va'ei ku citno gi'e ricfu vau le za'u mei ba snada lo ka rivbi vau gi'e troci lo ka citka do
On the gripping hand, if they're too young and healthy they will escape and attempt to eat you.
lo me lo tsani mei cu na'e banzu lo ka te ciska lo se du'u mi do prami
A skyful isn't enough to have written upon it that I love you.
loi mlatu cu klani li ci lo ka gunma ma kau i je va'i lo mlatu cu vo mei
The mass of cats is measured as having 4 units, in other words, there are 4 cats.