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ra mutce melbi
She is very pretty.
ta cu melbi
That is beautiful.
.ue melbi xrula
Ah! What a beautiful flower!
do melbi se catlu
You're looking good!
ko'a mutce melbi
She's drop-dead gorgeous.
xu mi do melbi
Do you find me pretty?
.i melbi cmene do
You have a beautiful name.
ko'a melbi gi'e mencre
She is not only beautiful but also intelligent.
melbi gi'e mencre
He is good-looking and smart.
.u'e melbi soltolfa'u
What a beautiful sunrise it is!
.u'e melbi purdi
What a beautiful garden!
.u'e melbi danlu
What a lovely creature!
.u'e ko'a melbi sanga
How beautifully she sings!
.ui melbi zgike
Such a wonderful music!
mi prami lo melbi
I am a lover of the beautiful.
ie ta melbi
Yes, that's beautiful.