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lujvo x1 is/are x2 (li) in number, and are among x3 This definition is based on the BPFK definition of mei. See also mei.
lo ka mi'a ce'u memkai cu zilzena
The number of people among us increases.
lujvo x1 (sequence) has length x2 See also cmimei, pormoi, memkai, mei
lujvo x1 is a mythos of myths x2 See ranmi, mei, memkai
lujvo x1 (collection/sequence) has x2 (number) members See also memkai, gunma, cmima, porsi
lujvo x1 is more numerous than x2; x1 has a greater cardinality than x2 See also mei, memkai, zmadu, dubmau.
lujvo x1 numbers/adds up to/consists of x2 (number) counting by units x3; x1 are x2 in number. Near-syn. memkai