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mi pu viska lo mi mensi va
I saw my sister there.
lo mi mensi pu co'a klaku
My sister started crying.
ra mi na pampe'o jecu mensi
She's not my girlfriend. She's my sister.
la ko'a mensi na klama lo mergu'e
Her sister is not going to America.
do mensi mi lo ka se patfu
You are my brother since we are born from the same father.
mi dunli lo mensi be mi lo ka clani i ku'i mi na mintu le mensi
I am as long as my sister is. But I'm not her.
le mi mensi cu di'i merli lo vo'a junta
My sister is always weighing herself.
mi pu dunda lo vlacku lo mi mensi
I gave my sister a dictionary.
.i lo mensi be mi cu tolprali jai juxre
My sister is clumsy, which is a disadvantage to her.
lo mi mensi pu na cusku zo coi
My sister did not say "Hello".
lo me mi mensi lu kelci le prenu se kelci
My sister plays with dolls.
lo bruna pu ciksa lo xatra be lo mensi
The brother wrote a letter to the sister.
mi pu viska lo mi mensi noi zvati ra
I saw my sister there.
la .meris. joi la .alis. cu mensi remei
Mary and Alice are sisters.
xu do dunku lo nu lo do mensi cu bilma
Are you distressed at your sister being ill?
le mensi ca panpi lo bruna be vo'a
The sister is now at piece with her brother.