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cmavo pro-sumti: me/we the speaker(s)/author(s) & others unspecified, but not you, the listener.
mi'a tugni
We agree.
mi'a gleki
We are happy.
mi'a xrabo
We are Arabs.
mi'a pamsi'u
We love each other.
mi'a jimpe
We understand.
mi'a troci
We'll try.
mi'a sidju
We'll help.
mi'a casnu
We talked.
mi'a borg
We are the Borg.
mi'a sipta'i
We're sleepy.
mi'a siptcu
We're sleepy.
mi'a sipydji
We're sleepy.
mi'a pu simta'a le mi'a bavycu'i
We would often discuss our future.
mi'a fairgau lo prali ro mi'a
We shared the profit among us all.
so'i mi'a pu tatpi
Many of us were tired.