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mi'a pu casnu so'i zo'e
We talked of many things.
mi'a na nelci le carvi
We don't like the rain.
mi'a sisku lo ka gleki
We seek happiness.
mi'a pu rupsra sidju ko'a
We helped him financially.
mi'a se slabu le zgike
This tune is quite familiar to us all.
.u'u mi'a nu'o gasnu noda
I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.
lu'o mi'a puza kalte cribe
We went bear hunting together the other day.
ko sutra .i mi'a denpa
Hurry up! We are waiting for you.
mi'a xabju vi le renytcana
We live close to the station.
mi'a jukpa lo najgenja titnanba
We are baking carrot cake.
mi'a du'i casnu lo mintu
We equally discussed the same.
ui ro'i sai mi'a jinga
I'm just overwhelmed with emotions, we won!!
experimental cmavo we; several people including one of the speakers; I (the speaker) and at least one another person (even if that person is one of the speakers too) English "we". mi'a, mi'o and ma'a are more specific cases of mi'ai.
experimental cmavo inclusive we; includes the speaker (I) and the listener (you), but may or may not include others May mean mi'o or ma'a, but never mi'a. Also see mi'ai.
la.umemuran. ctuca mi'a fo lo glibau
Mr Umemura teaches us English.
mi jdice lo du'u mi'a na klama
I've decided that we won't go.