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experimental cmavo we; several people including one of the speakers; I (the speaker) and at least one another person (even if that person is one of the speakers too) English "we". mi'a, mi'o and ma'a are more specific cases of mi'ai.
seva'u mi'ai
It's for us.
mi'ai toltinsa
We are flexible.
mi'ai citka
We eat.
mi'ai e'u klama
Let's go!
mi'ai ba zukte da
We'll do something.
mi'ai djuno lo krinu
We know why.
mi'ai djuno lo seljalge
We know why.
mi'ai nelci da bi'unai
We love this.
mi'ai serai troci
We try our best.
mi'ai co'i zukte ma
What have we done?
mi'ai xabju vi
We live here.
ro mi'ai kecti
We're all sorry.
ei mi'ai sidju
We have to help.
mi'ai na termu'i
We aren't going.