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gismu rafsi: mij x1 is in/at the middle/center/midpoint/[is a focus] of x2; (adjective:) x1 is central. See also lanxe, jbini, nutli, snuji, milxe, denmi, ralju.
ca donri midju
It is midday.
la .alps. midju le rontu'a
The Alps are in the center of Europe.
le mi ckule cu midju le tcadu
Our school is in the center of the town.
mi pu kakne lo nu pe'a jufra midju tcidu
I could read between the lines.
le tricu cu ganra lo ka se midju
The tree is thick in the middle.
ra pu sanli bu'u lo midju be lo dargu
He was standing in the middle of the road.
mi'ai krici lodu'u lo nu co'a morsi cu se tcika li re pi'e reno ba lo djedi midju
We believe the time of death was 2:20 p.m.
lo vi jinci cu vraga lo ka se pi'o ce'u katna lo pelji vau lo midju re da
These scissors is a lever for cutting paper with the fulcrum in the middle and two arms.
lujvo m1 is the midnight of n2 at location n3. Cf. nicte, midju, dormidju.
fu'ivla x1 is a kernel/nucleus/'nut' of x2; x1 is central See also centero, midju
lo nu ko'a vlipa cu revgau lo gugde be lo elfe bei bu'u la midju terdi co'u lo nu co'i daspo la turni djine
Their power maintained the realms of the Elves in Middle-earth until the destruction of the Ruling Ring
fu'ivla x1 is in the center of x2 A central subset (of a set or territory). Use midju for center point, kernelo for nucleus.
gismu rafsi: dem x1 is dense/concentrated/packed/intense in property x2 (ka) at location/locus x3. See also carmi, midju, viknu.
lujvo m1 is the noon (midday) of day d2 at location d3. djemidju is too vague. Cf. donri, midju, ctemidju.
gismu rafsi: lax x1 is in balance/equilibrium under forces x2 (mass). (cf. midju, nutli; fapro for balancing/opposing forces, nutli)