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gismu rafsi: mic x1 doctors/treats/nurses/[cures]/is physician/midwife to x2 for ailment x3 by treatment/cure x4. Also medic; (adjective:) x1, x4 is medical; x2 is a patient of x1 (= selmikce for reordered places) ; x2 is treated by x1 person/x4 treatment/method; successfully cure transitive (= sadmikce, sadvelmikce), intransitive (= sadyselmikce, ka'orbi'o to not imply an external agent/process, though the x1 and x4 of mikce may be self/internal); treatment (= velmikce). See also bilma, kanro, spita.
ra na mikce
He's not a doctor.
ra mikce je tercku
He is a doctor and an author.
xu ra na mikce
Isn't she a doctor?
xu do mikce
Are you a doctor?
do na'e mikce
You're not a doctor.
mikce vi ma
Where is a doctor?
mi na mikce
I'm not a doctor.
ko fonjorne lo mikce
Call the doctor!
ti briju le mikce
This is the doctor's office.
cmevla Doctor Cf. mikce.
le za'u mikce pu ca'o mikce lo pu se xrani
The doctors were treating the wounded.
ra jdica lo nu mikce
He made up his mind to be a doctor.
lo patfu po mi mikce
My father is a doctor.
lo mikce cu zvati ma
Where is a doctor?
doi mikce .i toldra tuple
Doctor, it's the wrong leg!