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gismu rafsi: bi'a x1 is ill/sick/diseased with symptoms x2 from disease x3. See also kanro, mikce, spita, senci, kafke, binra.
lujvo m1 is a psychologist/psychiatrist/counsellor/mental health practitioner of client m2 treating ailment m3 with treatment m4. Cf. menli, mikce, menske, jikske
lujvo m1=g1 uses surgical implement k1 to operate on organ(s) k2 of patient m2, as a treatment for ailment m3. Cf. mikce, katna
lujvo k1 is an operating theatre in which to perform surgery m4. Cf. mikce, kumfa, micka'agau, spita
lujvo n1 is medical, involving doctor/nurse m1, patient m2, ailment m3, and treatment/cure m4. Cf. mikce, kurji, sidju.
lujvo m2 is a patient, treated by doctor/nurse m1 for ailment m3 with cure m4. Cf. mikce, selspita, kurji.
fu'ivla x1 is a scalpel A small straight knife with a very sharp blade used for surgery, dissection or craftwork. See also mikce, larcu, dakfu
gismu x1 is a hospital treating patient(s) x2 for condition/injuries/disease/illness x3. Hospice (a place where x2 of spita is lenu mrobi'o = mrospita). See also bilma, mikce.
lo mikce cu djusku lo se du'u mi sisti lo nu bajra ku ki'u tu'a lo dukse slugu'a
The doctor advised me to quit jogging because it was excessive exercise.
gismu x1 is a vaccine/immune-system stimulant protecting x2 against disease x3 introduced by method x4. Also serum; inoculation (= jestu'u veljinku). See also jurme, mikce, jesni, bilma.
ti cagna lo moklu be le nakni lo pu se zvati be lo denci lo nu lo mikce mo'u vimcu le denci
This is a wound in his mouth at the place where there was a tooth removed by a doctor.
lo mikce cu setca lo jesni lo birka be la alis se gau lo nu lo xukmi cu muvdu lo ciblu
The doctor inserted the needle into Alice's arm so that the chemical got into the blood.
fu'ivla x1 is a Dr./Prof. (honorific for achieving a certain level of education or knowledge in field x2), recognized by x3 See iolpe, iolna, iolni, iospe, iosna, iosni, iocre, mikce, profesore
ko curmi lo nu lo mikce be do cu jdice lo du'u xukau do nitcu lo velmicyxukmi i ganai my cusku zo ja'a gi ko di'i citka vy co'u lo nu my minde do lo nu sisti
Let your doctor decide if you need medication. If he says 'yes', take it regularly until he tells you to stop.