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gismu rafsi: mid mi'e x1 issues commands/orders to x2 for result x3 (event/state) to happen; x3 is commanded to occur. [also: x1 orders/sets/Triggers. x2 to do/bring about x3; x1 is a commander; commanded (= termi'e)]; See also lacri, te bende, jatna, ralju, jitro, turni, tinbe.
ko na minde mi lo nu mi na minde do
Don't command me to not command you!
minde mi'a lo nu stali le bloti
We were told to stay on the ship.
minde ko'a lo nu stali le bloti
They were told to stay on the ship.
minde do lo nu stali le bloti
You were told to stay on the ship.
mi tinbe lo te minde do
I obey your command.
ma minde do lo nu minde la .tam. lo nu klama
Who told you to tell Tom to come?
ra minde mi lo nu na va limna
He told me not to swim there.
ko'a minde mi lo nu ri cazi cliva lo ckaku'a
He commanded me to leave the bedroom immediately.
mi ba minde .ei la .ken. lo nu cliva
I have to dismiss Ken.
lo mikce pu minde mi lo ka sipna
The doctor ordered me to sleep.
fu'ivla x1 is an aide de camp/adjutant See also sidju minde
.i minde fi lo ka lebna tu'a lo xlali denci vo'a
She had a bad tooth taken out.
ko'a pu minde mi lo nu mi lumci lo flira be mi
He told me to wash my face.
mi se zdile le si'o minde soi se cusku lu ko cakcurnu li'u
I am amused by the idea of commanding by saying "Be a snail!".
lo nu mi cliva cu curmi te ca'i lo te minde be fi lo nolraitru
My leaving is permitted, based on the command of the king.