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ra pu minde mi lo ka lumci lo flira be mi
He told me to wash my face.
le turni pu minde mi lo ka klama ca lo drani
The manager ordered me to come on time.
lujvo m1 orders m2 to have c2 excecuted by action/method c3. Cf. catra, minde.
le turni pu ganzu lo ruble prenu lo vlipa jenmi lo ka bapli lo nu le jenmi cu zukte lo te minde
He turned weak people into a powerful army by making them execute orders.
lujvo x1 thinks x2 is obliged to do x3 by standard/agreement x4 See bilga, jinvi, einvi, minde
lujvo m1 summons m2=k1 to k2 from k3 via route k4. Cf. klama, minde, klacpe.
gismu rafsi: lac x1 relies/depends/counts on/trusts x2 to bring about/ensure/maintain x3 (event/state). See also minde, nitcu, tinbe.
lujvo n1 is an instruction for n2=m3 (event/state) to occur, issued by n3=m1 for intended recipient n4=m2. Cf. minde, notci
lujvo v1 is a command word/keyword ordering v2=m3 (event/state) in language v3. Cf. minde, valsi
lujvo c1=m2 executes c2 by method c3 as ordered by m1. Cf. minde, catra, sedycaugau, nebyka'a.
lujvo m1=c1 expresses/states an order to m2=c3 for m3 (event/state) to happen. Cf. cusku, minde, mi'esku.
lujvo x1 (agent) sets / configures x2 (machine/tool) to do x3 (state/event/ka-of-x2) From tutci, minde. See minji
gismu rafsi: tib x1 obeys/follows the command/rule x2 made by x3; (adjective:) x1 is obedient. See also minde, lacri, javni, flalu, zekri.
gismu rafsi: ja'a x1 is captain/commander/leader/in-charge/boss of vehicle/domain x2. See also jitro, lidne, te bende, minde, ralju, gidva, bloti.
lujvo m1=c1 demands/exacts c2=m3 of c3=m2, with manner/form of demand c4. Cf. minde, cpedu, pikci, preti, ca'icpe, camcpe.
ko curmi lo nu lo mikce be do cu jdice lo du'u xukau do nitcu lo velmicyxukmi i ganai my cusku zo ja'a gi ko di'i citka vy co'u lo nu my minde do lo nu sisti
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