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gismu rafsi: mi'i x1 is a machine for use/function x2; [automated apparatus, without direct function control]. Also machinery/mechanism; a machine is initiated/triggered by an agent/force, but thereafter performs its function automatically; if self-directed, (a minji is an) entity (= zukte). See also cabra, matra, tutci, zukte, pilno, skami.
ra cikre lo minji
She's fixing the machine.
.u'e mutce xamgu minji
What a wonderful machine!
lo minji cu tolpo'u
The machine is functional.
lo minji ca na akti
The machine is lying idle.
ko'a puco'a bralaizba le minji
They began to manufacture the machine on a large scale.
lo skami cu pluja minji
Computers are complicated machines.
lo fanri cu pilno so'i pluja minji
The factory uses many complicated machines.
le va minji cu selcme ma
What do you call that contraption?
gau mi le minji ba akti
I will get the machine running.
ti minji lo nu cokcu lo ctile
This is a machine for pumping out oil.
le minji cu tolycladu lo bartu
The machine has a soft sound when listening from the outside.
lo vi minji cu xampo li re
This machine has a current of 2 amperes.
.i lo malba pe lo minji cedra na se krasi lo minji cedra ku sa'e
The agonies of the machine age do not originate from the machines as such.
mi jai gau ba akti fai le minji
I will get the machine running.
le minji ca akti lo ka cupra lo purmo
The machine is now in operation producing flour.