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gismu rafsi: mis mi'o x1 (person/object/event) is famous/renowned/is a celebrity among community of persons x2 (mass). Also celebrated/well-known; (derogative meanings:) notorious/infamous (= malmi'o; these could also be expressed using the referenced words). See also se sinma, banli.
ta misno merko ckufi'i
That is a recognized American author.
lo'e mispre cu misno mu'i lo nu ri misno
A celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.
su'o ba'oi ze'e na'e misno
Perhaps he will never be famous.
la .tom. pumo'u jgita misno
Tom became famous as a violinist.
za'u ta mutce misno prenu
Those are very famous people.
la'o gy.Abraham Lincoln.gy. misno prenu
Abraham Lincoln is a famous person.
la timyndorfyr. ctrant. misno je xaskoi tcadu
Timmendorfer Strand is a well-known beach town.
xu do djica lo nu do misno
Would you like to be famous?
lo mensi be mi ku misno
My sister is famous.
la tom pu co'a mutce misno
Tom became very famous.
la'a ti traji lo ka misno
Probably, this is the most popular one.
ko'a finti lo precitri be lo misno terpemci
He wrote a biography of a famous poet.
la gleki cu misno lo se bangu be la lojban
Gleki is famous among Lojban speakers.
xu ti me lo noi misno vau ponjo finpe
Is this a famous Japanese fish?
lujvo x1 is infamous/notorious among community/persons x2. Cf. mabla, misno