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gismu rafsi: tre x1 is x2 meter(s) [metric unit] in length (default 1) measured in direction x3 by standard x4. See also kilto, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, gutci, litce, megdo, mikri, milti, minli, nanvi, petso, picti, terto, xatsi, xecto, xexso, zepti, zetro.
ti mitre li ci
This is three meters long.
mi mitre li papibici
I'm 1.83 meters tall.
mi mitre li xy. le ni clani
I am X meters tall.
clani lo ka mitre li re
The length is two meters.
lo centi be lo mitre cu gradu lo ka mitre vau lo ka te sepli
Centimeter is a unit on metric scale, which measures distance.
mitre be li ni'u ci gei su'e mu
It's up to 5·10-³ meters.
mi bajra vi'i lo mitre be li ci ki'o
I ran three thousands meters.
lo snime cu mitre li pa ca'u lo do vorme
There is snow one meter thick in front of your door.
le insekto cu centi be lo mitre lo ka clani
The insect is 1 centimeter long.
le bitmu cu decti be lo mitre lo ka rotsu
The fence is 10 centimeters thick.
le dinju cu dekto be lo mitre lo ka clani
The house is 10 meters high.
le jubme cu gutci li re lo ka mitre
The table is two meters in size.
lo xamsi cu kilto be lo mitre lo ka condi
The sea is 1'000 meters deep.
loi sonci pu kurfa vo mitre be li mu
Soldiers formed together a rectangle 5 meters in each side.