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lujvo x1=m1 is a zoo at x3=m3 with animals x2=m2=j1=d1. Cf. jmive, danlu, muzga
xu ti mivdalmuzga lo finpe
Do you have fish at this zoo?
pa lo tirxu pu pifli'a le mivdalmuzga
One of the tigers has escaped from the zoo.
le tirxu pu pifli'a le mivdalmuzga
The tiger escaped from the zoo.
la .bil. pu xlura lo citmau bruna be vo'a tu'a lo mivdalmuzga
Bill took his little brother to the zoo.
lujvo p1 is a zoo of community/organization p2 with animals p3=d1. See also: mivdalmuzga.
le mi lanzu cu pu klama lo mivdalmuzga mu'i lo ka viska lo cionmau kei ca lo prulamkemyzeldei
My family went to the zoo to see pandas last Sunday.
lujvo s1 is zoology concerned with animals of type d2 based on methodology s3. Cf. ji'eske, mivdalmuzga, mrodalmuzga, spaske.
lujvo mu1 is a natural history museum for preserving [and possibly exhibiting] animals of kind mu2=d2=mo1 at location mu3. Cf. mivdalmuzga, ji'eske.