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do mo nixli
What kind of girl are you?
ti mo gerku
What kind of dog is this?
ti mo spati
What kind of plants are these?
ti mo stuzi
What kind of place is this?
ti mo spita
What kind of hospital is this?
ti mo xismalsi
What kind of church is this?
ta mo karce
What kind of car is that?
ta mo flani
What kind of flute is that?
pu mo karce
What kind of car was it?
do ba mo gunka
What kind of work will you do?
la lojban cu mo
What is Lojban?
do mo ro'i
How do you feel?
u'e cai tu mo
Oh my, what is that over there?
lujvo c1 is a question asking for a predicate, asked by c3 to c4. In Lojban, this is a question using the word “mo”.
lujvo mo1=mi1 follows the same pattern as mi2 with respect to forms/events mo2 arranged according to structure mo3. Cf. mintu, morna
lo va nixli cu mo
Who's that girl?