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do djica lo nu mo
What do you want to do?
mo do ca lo prulamcte
What happened to you last night?
ta noi prenu cu mo
Who is that person?
mo'u mo ca lo cabdei
What have they done today?
.ie .i ku'i ta mo
Yes, but that?
coi .djaks. .i do mo
How goes it, Jacques?
do mo ca le mumdei
What're you going to do on Friday?
do mo ca le nondei
What are you doing Sunday?
do ca jai gau mo
What are you doing?
mo fa lo va nanmu
Who's that guy?
da bi'unai jai pu mo
About that matter, how did it go?
co'oi ge'orge zo'u do mo
Hi, George! How's it going?
do nelci lo mo stuzi
What kind of places do you like?
lo ta ninmu cu mo
Who is that lady?
tu noi dacti cu mo
What is that object over there?
lo va nanla cu mo
Who is that boy?