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cmavo interval event contour: at the natural ending point of ...; completive | >|<.
experimental cmavo opposite of mo'u: interval event contour: at the natural beginning point of ...;
mo'u se tigni
The show is over.
do mo'u fenki pei
Have you gone completely mad?
mi mo'u co'e
I have done it.
ra puzi mo'u cliva
She just left.
mi mo'u ctuca
I am done teaching.
ko'a pu mo'u klama
He had already gone.
mo'u prulamdei snime carvi
Yesterday snow fell.
ui mi mo'u volve
I'm glad to be back.
cai mo'u gasnu ti
It's done!
mi mo'u cirko
I've lost it.
la tom mo'u zukte
Tom has done it.
la tom mo'u jerna
Tom has earned it.
pa perli mo'u fusra
There is one pear and it is rotten.
xu do mo'u jukpa
Are you done with cooking?