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cmavo rafsi: mom moi convert number to ordinal selbri; x1 is (n)th member of set x2 ordered by rule x3.
ta me mi moi
That is mine.
.i mi me ko moi
Let me be yours.
lo za'u ti me do moi
These are yours.
lo za'u ti me mi'ai moi
These are ours.
ti me mi moi lo cukta
These are my books.
lo za'u ti me mi moi
These are mine.
sa'u ko tinbe lo me mi moi
Just do what I tell you.
mi na selbau lo me do moi
I don't speak your language.
lo vi cukta cu me mi moi
This book is mine.
lo vi cukta cu me mi moi .i lo me do moi ma zvati
This book is mine. Where is yours?
lo pavdei cu pa moi djedi .i lo reldei cu re moi djedi .i li'o
Monday is the first day, Tuesday is the second day, and so on.
la kevin cu pa moi i la edvard cu re moi i li'o
Kevin is the first. Eduard is the second, and so on.
i mi zukte lo me mi moi tu'a lo me mi moi
I'm doing my own work for myself.
ro lo vi cukta cu me mi moi
All these books are mine.
ti na me do cukta .i ri me mi moi
This is not your book, it's mine.