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gismu rafsi: mon mo'a x1 is/reflects/represents a pattern of forms/events x2 arranged according to structure x3. [x3 is a model for x1 (= termontai, or the more abstract = termonsi'o); image (= gusmo'a, nenmo'a, dairmo'a, selylenmo'a, selmirmo'a, velmirmo'a, but also all of these -tai instead of -mo'a for the ideal)]; See also ciste, ganzu, marji, slilu, stura, tarmi, boxna, cimde, gidva, jimpe, rilti.
lo do xance ciska se morna cu mutce xamgu
Your handwriting is very good.
ku'i nauku ji'i pamu ce'i po'o loi lanzu poi merko cu morna fi la'e di'u
Yet today only about 15 percent of American families follow this pattern.
mi nelci lo morna be lo pezli bei lo du'u lo gunma be ri cu cirkulo
I like patterns of leaves that form circles.
fu'ivla x1 is a format, layout of a publication or document x2 See also uencu, morna, tarmi
fu'ivla x1 is an archetype, prototype of x2 x1 is an original model of which x2 is a derivative, copy, emulation having the same pattern. See also tarmi, morna
gismu x1 (property - ka) is a dimension of space/object x2 according to rules/model x3. See also morna, ckilu, merli, manri.
lujvo t1=m1 is the intonation of sentence j1=m2 with characteristics t2=m3. Cf. jufra, tonga, morna.
lujvo mo1=mi1 follows the same pattern as mi2 with respect to forms/events mo2 arranged according to structure mo3. Cf. mintu, morna
lujvo f1 is an emulation/imitation of f2 in medium f3, emulated by method f4 and exhibiting pattern m1. Cf. morna, fukpi, monfu'igau.
fu'ivla x1 is a mnemonic for remembering x2 (du'u) See morji, sidju, tutci, morna
gismu rafsi: bon bo'a x1 is a wave [periodic pattern] in medium x2, wave-form x3, wave-length x4, frequency x5. See also slilu, dikni, cinje, polje, morna, canre.
gismu rafsi: jmi x1 understands/comprehends fact/truth x2 (du'u) about subject x3; x1 understands (fi) x3. See also djuno, jijnu, morna, smuni, saske, viska.
gismu rafsi: maj mai x1 is material/stuff/matter of type/composition including x2 in shape/form x3. Also (adjective:) x1 is physical (one sense)/material. See also morna, mucti, nejni, tarmi, dacti.
gismu rafsi: ril x1 (sequence/non-text quote) is a rhythm/beat of music/expressive form x2. Not necessarily oscillatory/regular pattern. See also damri, pemci, tonga, zgike, slilu, dikni, sanga, morna.
gismu rafsi: tur su'a x1 is a structure/arrangement/organization of x2 [set/system/complexity]. (x2, if a set, is completely specified); See also ganzu, morna, ciste, lujvo, greku, gerna.