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cmevla Moscow Cf. masKUAS.
mi vitke lo mensi be mi bu'u la moskov
I visited my sister in Moscow.
ta'o nai mi platu lo ka vitke la moskov de'i li jy dy re
Back to the point, I'm planning to visit Moscow on Tuesday.
lu ma tcima la moskov ca lo cabdei li'u lu lo solri li'u
"What is the weather today in Moscow?" "It is sunny."
obsolete cmevla Moscow Cf. moskov. Lojbanized pronunciations of the Russian capital are: 'masKVA'(Russian, but KV combination is invalid in lojban), 'mosiKY' (Chinese Mandarin; there is no 'v' in Chinese and 'f' is unusual except at the beginning of a word) and 'mosko' or 'moskau' in English.