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lujvo n1 is a real number. Cf. namcu, mulna'u, xarna'u.
li pa ze mrena'u
17 is a real number.
li pa pi vo mrena'u
1.4 is a real number.
lujvo x1 is a real number. mrena'u is another lujvo for the same meaning. Cf. to'e xanri namcu, mrena'u; xarna'u, lujna'u; ka'o
lujvo n1 is a rational/fractional number. frinu namcu. See also tolfrinyna'u, xarna'u, tolxarna'u, mrena'u, lujna'u
lujvo x1 is a natural number. Includes zero and all successors of zero. See also mulna'u, frinyna'u, mrena'u, and lujna'u
lujvo x1 is a complex number. pluja namcu. See also xarna'u; tolxarna'u, mrena'u; ka'o
lujvo x1 is an irrational number. to'e frinu namcu. See also frinyna'u, xarna'u, tolxarna'u, mrena'u, lujna'u.