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gismu rafsi: mri x1 mails/posts [transfer via intermediary service] x2 to recipient address x3 from mailbox/post office/sender address x4 by carrier/network/system x5. Also x4 post office, mailbox. (cf. benji In which the medium need not be a 3rd party service/system, and x2 need not consist of discrete units. notci, xatra, tcana)
mi mrilu lo jbesla se dunda ko'a
I sent her birthday present bу post.
ma judri do lo kibro ve mrilu
What is your e-mail address?
mi xebni lo kibro xe mrilu
I hate internet mail system.
.o'a nai mi mrilu le notci lo srera noigri
Oops, I posted the message to the wrong newsgroup.
i ku'i pei do mo'u cpacu lo se mrilu
But have you received the messages?
mi pu mrilu lo notci fu lo kibro
I sent a message via the internet.
o'a nai se'i mi pu mrilu fi lo na drani
Oops, I mailed to a wrong address.
mi mrilu lo se dunda ko'a ki'u lo zi jbesla be ko'a
I sent her birthday present bу post.
le'o go ko mrilu lo se citka ginai mi catra pa lo pinfu
Send in something to eat or I'll kill a hostage.
i ko spusku mrilu mi po'o fau lonu do tcidu je jimpe ti
Reply me via mail only when you read and understand this.
mi pu mrilu lo se dunda lo pendo lo dizlo tcana lo sivni
I mailed a present to a friend from a local post office via a private mail system.
lujvo l1 is a mailing list with subscribers/recipients l2=m3. Cf. mrilu, ve cusku
lujvo b1 distributes b2 to b3 from b4 over path b5. b1 is a distributor. Cf. benji, mrilu, xatra, tcana.
lujvo x1=b1 is a post office of post clerk x2=b2 at location x3=b3 for mailing system x4=m5. See also mrilu, briju.
lujvo m1 (agent) sends e-mail m2 to person / computer m3 from person / computer m4 by computer network m5. Made from skami + mrilu.