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gismu rafsi: mud x1 is a quantity of/is made of/contains wood/lumber from tree(s) of type/species x2. See also tricu, stani.
ti mudri jubme
This is a wooden table.
ti jubme lo mudri
This is a wooden table.
le mudri cu jelca
The wood is burning.
ti mudri lo laldo
This is wood from old trees.
tu toknu lo mudri
That is a wood burning stove.
lo va selkei cu mudri
That toy is made of wood.
lo vi zdani cu mudri
This is a wooden house.
mi ralte lo mudri jubme
I have a wooden table.
lo mudri stizu cu kargu
The wooden chair is expensive.
le mudri cu se fagri
The wood is burning.
mi zbasu le dinju loi mudri
I make the building out of wood.
lo mudri ku fulta lo djacu
Wood floats in water.
lo greku be le bitmu cu mudri
The frame of the fence is wooden.
le toknu cu se livla lo mudri
The furnace is stoked up with wood.
mi pu cupra lo derxi be lo mudri
I chopped a pile of wood.