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a'a cu'i ko denpa lo nu mi jai gau mulno fai ti
Eh, just a second, let me finish this.
mi mulno lo ka na kakne lo ka tavla fo lo fraso
I can't speak French at all.
.a'u lo cumymu'efi'a cu cinri .i .e'o ca lo nu tcidu mulno ku ko te jbera ra mi
This science fiction story seems interesting. Will you lend it to me when you have finished reading it?
do zenba lo ka certu tu'a la lojban no'i mi jinvi lo du'u lo do jufra na mulno drani
You are becoming more and more proficient in Lojban. Back to the previous topic, I think your sentence wasn't fully correct.
lujvo j2=m1 quits/retires from job j1 Elided SE from se jibri mulno.
gismu rafsi: clu x1 is full/completely filled with x2. See also tisna, kunti, mulno, setca, tisna.
lujvo g1 makes m1 complete in property m2 by standard m3 Cf. mulno, gasnu, tolcfari'i.
lujvo g1=m1 is a complete set showing common property (ka) g2, complete by standard m3. Cf. mulno, girzu
lujvo u1 is a progress bar showing completeness n1 of m1 (event) and is in user interface u2. ni + mulno + uidje. Syn. {nilmu'o zei uidje}
gismu rafsi: pa'e x1 is perfect/ideal/archetypical/faultless/flawless/un-improvable in property/aspect x2 (ka). Also without defect/error. See also manfo, curve, traji, cfila, mulno.
lujvo x1=j2=m1 is grokked by x2=j1 about subject x3=j3 by standard x4=m3 Made from jimpe and mulno.
gismu rafsi: sti x1 [agent] ceases/stops/halts/ends activity/process/state x2 [not necessarily completing it]. See also fanmo, mulno, cfari, denpa, fliba.
gismu rafsi: suj x1 is a mathematical sum/result/total of x2 plus/increased by x3. See also jmina, jalge, mulno, pilji, su'i.
fu'ivla x1 is the finale/final/last part leading up to completion of x2 See incipe, mulno, fasnu, pruce
gismu rafsi: xab x1 is exactly/approximately half/semi-/demi-/hemi- of x2 by standard x3. See also mulno, pagbu.
gismu rafsi: xad x1 is a/the body/corpus/corpse of x2; (adjective:) x1 is corporal/corporeal. See also menli, pruxi, sluji, mulno, cutne.