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gismu rafsi: mur mu'a x1 is a curtain/blinds/drapes for covering/obscuring aperture x2, and made of material x3. See also canko, vorme.
lo dilnu cu murta lo tsani
Clouds are curtains of the sky.
lujvo t1=c2 is a shade/blind for blocking light coming from/through c3 See also murta.
lujvo m1 is a curtain/drape for covering m2 and are made of cloth m3=b1. Cf. bukpu, murta.
gismu rafsi: ca'o x1 is a window/portal/opening [portal] in wall/building/structure x2. See also vorme, bitmu, ganlo, murta, pagre, kevna, jvinu, kalri, kuspe.
gismu rafsi: vor vro x1 is a doorway/gateway/access way between x2 and x3 of structure x4. Note: emphasis on route nature; solid door (= vrogai/vrobi'u/vrozu'itci). See also canko, ganlo, kalri, murta, pagre, bitmu, kuspe.