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gismu rafsi: tce x1 is much/extreme in property x2 (ka), towards x3 extreme/direction; x1 is, in x2, very x3. Also very, pretty, a lot, immoderate/immoderately, intense, quite, extremely. See also milxe, traji, banli, carmi, nutli.
mutce smaji
It's very quiet.
mutce slabu
It's as old as the hills.
mutce la'orxi'o
She's a devout Catholic.
mutce cikna
He's wide awake.
mutce cortu
The pain is agonizing.
mutce zanbebna
She's very innocent.
mutce carvi
It's raining cats and dogs.
mutce plixau
They're very useful.
mutce ckape
It's very dangerous.
mutce cilmo
It's very humid.
mutce melbi
It's so beautiful.
mutce go'i
Very much.
lujvo m1 is very much/very extreme in property m2 (ka), towards m3 extreme/direction. Differs from mutce only in intensity; add more "tce" to taste. Made from mutce + mutce.
lujvo x1 (event) happens intensely/in a great degree See also mutce
lujvo m1 is very/extremely violent. Cf. vlile, mutce.