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lo pamoi pu na xagrai
The first was not the best.
mi nelci le na melbi
I like the one who is not beautiful.
lo mi jdini na banzu
I don't have the money.
re'enai le cevni na zasti
God does not exist.
mi na se bangu da
I don't speak ...
mi na pinxe lo birje
I don't trink beer.
xu mi .i na djuno
I? No!
ti ciblu na je betka
It's not blood. It's beet.
mi na jimpe zo'ei do
I don't understand you.
ke'u mi na tugni do
I repeat, I don't agree with you.
i ko na kusru mi
Don't be cruel to me.
ko na terpa lo since
Don't be afraid of snakes.
la kevin na ji'e vrude
Kevin isn't moral to such degree.
na go nai da na zvati la.tatoebas. gi da na jufra
If it isn't on Tatoeba, it isn't a sentence.
ko na zerle'a .i ko na ticysku .i ko na lazni
Do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy.
lujvo The negation of x1 (event/state) is a result/outcome/conclusion of antecedent x2 (event/state). x1 is prevented by x2. to'e jalge. “lo nu broda cu tolja'e lo nu brode” has the same meaning as “lo nu na broda cu jalge lo nu brode”.