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mi na kakne lo ka lumci lo creka lo tarla
I can't clean my shirt of the tar.
mi djica vu'e nai lo nu do na cliva
My sin, I don't want you to leave.
.i .e'o do na damba va'o lo nu rodo na kakne lo nu damba bau la .lojban.
Under the conditions of y'all not being able to fight in lojban, please don't fight.
mi pu na zvati le tcadu i se ni'i bo na ka'e ku mi penmi la kevin
I wasn't in the city so I couldn't meet Kevin.
experimental cmavo mekso: conversion of operator/function to operand Must be followed by a function (meaning "f", not "f(x)" (which is a number)) or operator (such as "+"). Treats it formally and syntactically as a number so that it can be operated upon, such as by se'au or by a functional/operator (technical sense). Terminated by zai'ai; the pair essentially act as mathematical quotation marks. Also works on connectives and kei'i. Expressions may be complicated (such as with SE, NA, NAI, etc. modifying the string); perhaps one may even find a use for quoting relations (such as equality or element-hood) and/or some brivla or other cmavo. See also: kei'au.
experimental cmavo connective modifer/limiter Used for ji and other connective questions. It is preceded by such a connective (question) word and is followed by the set of words or the selma'o name to which the answer is expected/required to belong; the former may be literally a list of cmavo (such as 'zo .e ce zo .a', meaning that only AND or AND-OR are acceptable responses) or the name of a set of them (such as 'non-logical connectives', 'tanru after-thought connectives', 'symmetric connectives', 'all connectives except .u'. etc.). Terminated by ge'u'i. For example 'do djica tu'a loi ckafi ji noi'i lu .enai li'u ce lu na .e li'u ge'u'i loi tcati' asks 'Do you want: some coffee, some tea - where your answer can be only the former or the latter?'.
lo purci ka'e te djuno gi'e na ka'e se galfi .i lo balvi ka'e se galfi gi'e na ka'e te djuno
The past can only be known, not changed. The future can only be changed, not known.
pe'i lo nu mi'ai na frili kakne lo nu benji la nomoi cu mukti .ei lo nu mi'ai na troci lo nu benji ja vecnu lo remoi
In my opinion, the fact that we can't easily send the zeroth one should be a reason for us not to try to send and sell the second one.
na spenybi'o lo prenu poi lo ka mivykansa ke'a cu frili .i spenybi'o lo prenu poi lo ka na mivykansa ke'a cu nandu
You don't marry someone you can live with — you marry the person whom you cannot live without.
lu na ku mi nelci li'u zo'u lo ro bridi poi du lu mi nelci li'u cu se kuspe lu na ku li'u
As for "i naku mi nelci" the whole clause "mi nelci" is in the scope of "naku".
ri'a tu'a lo savru mi pu na kakne lo ka sipna
I could not sleep because of the noise.
mi pu na djuno lo du'u ko'a klama fi ma kau
I didn't know where it came from.
la.bil. na nelci lo du'u lo patfu be vo'a cu mutce sigva'u
Bill doesn't like the fact that his father smokes a lot.
mi na djuno lo satci ni lo vi cripu cu clani
I don't know the exact length of this bridge.
lo djacu ku dunja lo jacke'o be li no .i xu na go'i
Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius, doesn't it?
ka'e ctuca lo verba lo du'u xamgu tarti kei ta'i lo nu na sfasa
You can teach good manners to children without resorting to punishment.